iPad Web Development – Growing Demand for Expert iPad Developer

There are two types of apps development on iPad. One is native apps development which is play in native OS of iPad while another is web apps which is universal and can be used on another devices like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, etc. If your native apps can not satisfy your particular needs then you are to going to develop web apps for iPad. For example, if you want to aggregate news on various news channels you may not find native apps which can aggregated news for you within five minutes at every one hour interval. You need to help of web technology like HTML5 and CSS3 to make such useful apps for you. When you are going to use existing technology on web you don't need to reinvent wheel every time and develop codes from using existing codes on the web.

Remember one thing that with web apps development you can not satisfy your all audience of iPad so you are to keep consider sizable audience for web apps development. Once you decide your target audience you have to keep consider their particular needs and assure that you fulfill their needs with your development. On this stage you can draw design in form of sketches or you can use Photoshop like software for this purpose. Remember that iPad is a good visual medium so spare your time to make design pretty well. You also remember to keep your web apps cross browser compatible so it can run on internet explorer as well as Mozilla and Safari. Your web apps can be run on cross platform means you can run web apps on iPad as well as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, etc.

For cross platform compatible design you have to prepare fluid lay out which can be compatible with any device and in any mode. For iPad web apps development you need to keep resolutions at 1024X768 px. As it is native resolution of iPad. One important factor for iPad is that when you use accelerometer you can flip the sides of iPad from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa so keep this thing in your mind while you design web apps for iPad. Always not where you want scrolling to happen because scrolling need particular attention as mouse is absent and you are to scroll with your two fingers. This create some problem and scrolling may not happen as you expected. Don't afraid to use native GUI elements as they are greatly useful.

Sprucing Up Web Enhancement – Web Development for iPad Tablet

If you are iPad user then there are chances that you may not find any application on app store which is useful for you or it may not be capable to satisfy your particular needs as native apps. In such situation you are to create web apps which are universal and anybody can use it on any device irrespective of their platform. This mean web apps developed for iPhone can be used on iPad, Android or on BlackBerry. For instance if you want to know latest financial news aggregated from various resources on your iPad then you may not find the native apps for this and you have to develop your custom web app for this particular needs. You need not to go through static news paper or browse multiple websites. It will take five minutes in each couple of hour to aggregate news for you and make up-to-date news stories from variety of resources.

When you are going to design web apps you have to settle your goal this will help you to go in particular direction. You have to device some particular questions regarding to this aim.
  • What do you want your iPad app to accomplish?
  • Who will use your iPad app?
  • What needs are you trying to fulfill for your users?
You remember one thing that you can not satisfy needs or everyone but you can target particular group for it. After setting up your goal you can draw your design roughly in form of sketches on paper or on drawing application like Photoshop. Remember iPad is highly visual medium so spare your time to make it pretty. With iPad Web Application development you can design web apps which are cross browser compatible as well as cross device compatible means you can use it on iPad as well as iPhone or Android or BlackBerry.

Here are some tips for iPad Web apps development:
  • Create all your designs at 768px x 1024px because this is the native resolution of the iPad
  • The iPad displays both in portrait and landscape mode as you can flip the sides.
  • Always note where you want scrolling to happen
  • Don’t be afraid to use native iPad GUI elements
Web development has some limitations. The first is iPad cannot display Flash objects so better to avoid it. Second is iPad don't have mouse cursor. This means that mouse events, such as mouse over and hover events, are not possible. Scroll bars don't act as expected. In addition, scrolling requires two-finger gestures this create some problems too. For any function you have to use your fingers so do development accordingly.

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