iPad or iPhone - Which Is Your Favorite Gadget?

In fact iPhone and iPad both are different things. They have altogether different target audience. iPhone is a smart phone where as iPad act as a computer device and replace the needs of a laptop. Both have their own characteristics. iPhone has all the features that one phone needs, texting, MMS, voice mail, etc. Where as iPad is not a phone but there are apps available in the market that give it phone like capabilities.

Another obvious difference is the size, both have different size. iPhone has 3.5 inches/ 960 x 480p screen means 4.51 x 2.31 x 0.37 size, where as iPad has 9.7 inches/ 1024 x 768p screen means 9.5 x 7.31 x 0.34 size. The smaller size of iPhone makes it a lighter device, its weight is 0.3 pound where as iPad weight 1.3 (1.34-1.35 on 3G models) pound. Thus iPhone is a palm size device where as iPad is like a notebook or A4 size paper.

The same difference found in their prices. iPhone is a cheaper device in compare to iPad. You can get an 8 GB iPhone for $99 as older model, 16 GB in $ 199 and 32 GB in $ 299. Against this iPad is a costlier gadget, it starts from $499 for the Wi-Fi 16 GB model and goes up at $599 for 32 GB and $699 for 64 GB model. If you want 3G in each model then you have to pay additional $129. In addition to this you have to pay monthly fees for internet connection in both gadgets.

All iPhone model have capabilities to access internet connection through iPhone signals or Wi-Fi. That means iPhone customer can access internet from anywhere while it is not possible in case of iPad except the 3G models. The biggest advantage of 3G plan is that it is not a long term contract but it is working month to month so you need not to invest much.

In case of apps available in the market there are common apps that run in both device. The size of iPad play a critical role in app development. There are device specific apps for both gadgets. You will have apps for iPhone that take advantages of iPhone characteristics while apps specially designed for iPad take advantages of iPad characteristics.

Apple iPad 2 Features – Bring You A New World

Apple has sold nearly 15 million iPad of first version. Now the team of Steve Jobs et al is going to sell new version called iPad 2. iPad 2 boast with new features and functionality. iPad 2 is a device of next generation and bringing a whole host of improvement that takes iPad concept onto a different level.

The first version of iPad was uncomfortable while it hold in hands. This new version is far better than that of first version in sense of holding it. It is more thinner and lighter than previous versions. It is clocking at 8mm front to back and much flatter on its backside. This make it much comfortable while sitting on flat surface. If we look at the data of weight of these two version we will find that the predecessor of iPad 2 was 680g while current version is weight 610g only this suggest that the current version is lighter than the previous one. If we see it in percentage it is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than its predecessor.

It has a fast processor in form of A5 dual core chip. This means it has much faster graphics for better watching, better surfing and better gaming so it is better in everything. It has two camera which are capable of video recording. HD 720p, VGA up to 30 frames per second with Audio, still camera with 5x digital zoom. These two camera make iPad 2 capable to hold video meeting. You can watch video in excellent 1080p HD quality. It has a big screen with 9.7inch diagonal. Cameras enable you to share your good moods in your journey with family and friends.

It has got a glass front and aluminium back. Though device looks extremely solid. When you look at new version in front you will notice that there are no edge of aluminium frame. While in case of first version it is noticeable around the edge of iPad, when viewed from the front. Apple has made some cool iPad case. They are equipped with magnet so it can attached automatically to the screen. iPad 2 automatically wake up when you open the case, and case fold back to put you in prime typing position. It cost $39 for plastic and $69 for leather case.

A first Preference - iPad Development Center

iPad development has a big market so there are plenty of opportunities for an iPad application developer. There are lots of freelance iPad developers in the market. No doubt they have created good iPad applications for their clients but all are not capable to do so. They might not have resources to work on a big project. iPad development projects need the help of graphic designers, coders for third party add-ons integration, SEO team to create SEO friendly application, team of application testers, team of application maintenance personals and so on. Only one developer can not work in different domains. In short, you need an entire team for big scale development.

Collecting and managing experts from such diverse field is a headache for a project manager or an owner. There are no team work is possible if you collect freelancers from respective fields. The solution of this problem is to hire a team from a reputed iPad development company. There are plenty of iPad App development companies working in the market so you need little bit research on this topic. First of all see their development portfolio. There should be various iPad development projects with different clients in their development projects. Find out the project which are similar to your ideas or similar to your project so their will be an easy track to develop on your ideas or your project.

It is necessary to know that how your selected company behave with other clients. In order to find out this you should read carefully their testimonials. Testimonials show that how they behave with their previous clients. There are needs of constant support system from your iPad development company and it is essential if you are working in different time zones. Therefore your selected iPad development company should offer 24X7 way support for their clients. To attend the clients from different time zones developers from your selected iPad development company should work in different shifts so there should be shift system prevails in that iPad development company.

For iPad development iPad developers should have knowledge of various scripts like Objective C, Cocoa, etc. so check whether your selected iPad development company have developers who are proficient in such language. The easy way to gauge their knowledge is to see C.V.s of all developers you want to include in your team as a developer. When you see C.V.s of the developers you also check that they have degree from a relevant institutes of your expected domains.

Secrecy of your idea is a prime issue therefore check that your selected iPad development company offer NDA sign with their clients. It is utmost necessary to reach as early as possible in the market so your iPad application can catch their target users and get good earning. In order to do so you have to assure that developers from your chosen iPad development company deliver their project in timely manner.

Software Solutions for iPad – A Way to Success !

iPad has changed entire definition of the computer. You can position iPad in between smart phone and notebook based on its functionality. iPad has a unique feature of multi-touch that makes it a powerful devices for media consumption like books and magazine, movie, music, games, web, email, and lot more making it multi-purpose gadgets that not only entertain but also improve productivity.

The best advantage of iPad is that it allows third party software development to enhance its functionality. IAD take advantage of this and offer various kind of software development for iPad users.

iPad is an innovative device. iPhone can detect and track 5 touches whereas iPad can detect up to 11 touches. Our developer take advantage of this situation and develop robust applications for their clients. Moreover, iTunes store has increased limit of application size from 10MB to 20MB so 3D game like applications are possible now.

IAD offers following custom iPad Software Development Services:
  • Game related Software development
  • Social networking software
  • Business and Finance
  • Software development for iPad based Multimedia Apps
  • e-Commerce / Online shopping apps
  • Content Publishing and Distribution software
  • Software for Health/fitness/ lifestyle based iPad apps
Custom iPad software developers follow iPad software development cycle to create perfect solution for custom iPad software development. They offer their services at affordable cost because they have development center in India where skilled manpower is available at cheaper rates. IAD offers its services for 24X7 support as their developers are working in shifts. Developers at IAD are well trained and experienced so they deliver results in timely manner.

eBook Publisher – A Blissing For ebook Readers

iPad is blissing for those who have good reading aptitude especially for those who prefer reading e-books. You can find all content displayed at time due to large size of its screen. Texts are crisped and readable easily. Graphics are of high quality. You will have access of good reading material from iTunes Store you can download any eBook application and start reading immediately. All your choices are at your finger tips. Only one thing is behind this magic and it is iPad e-book application development.

Screen size of iPad is ideal for reading due to its large size and resolutions. It is 1024X768 pixel resolution or 9.7 inch diagonal. It is just like A4 paper size. You will have lots of stuff to read at a time. It is quite bigger than iPhone screen. Text are of crisp display so you can read text easily. It is technically set up well so it has better readability. Brightness is set up scientifically so it is less bright at night and allow your eyes to read text easily.

Its size of fonts and types of fonts are suitable for easy reading. You can set your choice of fonts while reading. Its background is tuned with all elements so you can find it ideally fit in iPad eBook Publisher. You can set up background lights as per your needs so your nocturnal reading is easily possible and your screen won't be just too bright at night.

With right kind of iPad eBook application development you can adjust text size as well as text type face style to fulfill the requirements of end users. You can satisfy different tastes of typeface style as it varies accordingly. Some prefer Times New Roman and Arial while some would like to stand with Helvetica or Palatino Linotype. All needs can be satisfied by iPad e-book application development. For lengthy reading this text adjustment features are blissing. It gives ultimate comfort for its end users.

Apart from text there is graphics plays an important part in e-book formation. iPad eBook application development put stress on graphics part and render excellent graphics. Good picture display is possible with crisp display of graphics and higher memory power is important to play a part in good graphic display. iPad has multi orientation therefore you can flip the sides of iPad while you are reading and e-book will have adjustment accordingly. This is possible due to accelerometer so you can flip side from vertical to horizontal and horizontal to vertical.

eBook Publishing Services – A Unique eBook Publisher at Affordable rates

iPad Applications Developer offers iPad eBook Application Development and iPad eBook Publishing Services in US, UK, Canada and across the globe at cost effective rates. iPad applications developer is a Professional iPad eBook Publisher.

There is a Gold Rush for iPad eBook Application Development. Everyone want to grab this opportunity and publish their eBooks at IAD. Recently IAD offers their services for iPad eBook application development. Higher publication cost is not a constraints. IAD has development center in India where skilled labor is available at cheaper rates. You can take benefits of this situation and can hire an iPad eBook application developer for your dream eBook publication.

IAD offers excellent eBook Publication Services. Some of their features are:
  • High resolution screens supports brilliant display of each and every page of eBook
  • Finger-touch control feature of iPad allows you to turn pages, scroll up and down the content or zoom in and out of the eBook for better view.
  • You can touch and hold any word to look for its meaning inside, in-built dictionary
  • Highly digitized features, where video, audio, pictures and words are packed together on the same page to enhance your reading experience.
  • Features like Bookmarking and addition of voice texts, which read out content to you, make it easy for you to pace your reading as per your convenience. This makes reading more pleasurable.
IAD has a big team of iPad eBook Publishing Services therefore they can arrange hiring of a developer as per your requirements. You can hire an iPad eBook application developer for full time, part time or on hourly basis. Full time hiring consists of 8 hours work in a day while part time hiring consists of 4 hours work in a day. Hourly hiring has no limitations so you can hire an iPad eBook application developer as per your requirements.

If you have any project for iPad eBook application development and want to know further contact the representatives of IAD.

Gain More Benefits By Hiring iPad Application Developer

iPad has brought about the revolution in the way people surf the net, playing games, watching videos and use their health care devices. iPad has amazing hardware and software features like wide screen, multi touch screen, accelerometer, doc connector and lot more. It is sure that whatever you do on iPad is a fun. This indirectly trigger the demand of making applications on iPad. Making an application on iPad is not an easy task you need the knowledge of Objective C, Cocoa and other scripting. You need an expert developer for it. Making iPad application architecture is complex one for that you need domain expertness and experience too. In short it is a job of expert iPad developers.

In order to make iPad application development you are to hire an iPad developer and hiring in-house iPad developer is daunting task. You have to deal with lots of headaches like you are to go through recruitment process, bear recruitment charges, create infrastructural facilities for development, bear maintenance charges, keep payrolls, pay incentives, pay local taxes, respect the local labor laws and many more.

If you want to save yourself from all these headaches you are to Hire an iPad developer from outsourcing companies because outsourcing companies have all resources and infrastructural facilities for development. Outsourcing companies offer their services at affordable cost because they have development centers in India like developing nations where abundance of manpower available for skilled work. They have same talent available at one fifth of rates due to life standard differences and currency differences between the countries.

Outsourcing companies have all infrastructural facilities available for iPad developers. Communication is one of the vital facilities for high quality iPad development. Outsourcing companies provides better communication facilities so you can contact your iPad developers through emails, instant messengers, live chats and by international calling system.

Outsourcing companies provide better project management. You can directly participate in their project management software. You can assign work to your iPad developers, keep track record of the development work, get regular reporting and updates for your project. They assign project manager to manage all affairs related to your project. In case if you hire more than one developers they will assign a team leader who will act as a contact point for you. Team manager leaves you free for more important tasks.

If you want any iPad Application Development work then Make a Inquiry to us or Call us on +1 (408) 940 5879

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