iPad Web Development – Open The Door of New World

Number of iPad users increasing day by day. iPad has taken place of laptop and it is heavily used for net surfing and email browsing. Most of the websites has been developed for desktop use and very few are made compatible with iPhone or iPad. iPhone has comparatively smaller screen than iPad or desktop so you can not use website made up for iPhone in iPad. Similarly iPad has smaller screen than desktop that scale the view on iPad. Conclusively you have to made website compatible with iPad and that only works the best.

But question is that why one invests in development of a website compatible with iPad. The answer of this question is that iPad has spread its tentacles in the market and number of iPad users increasing in many fold. People prefer to use iPad for web surfing because iPad give them mobility and you can access internet while you are in go and at anytime and anywhere. This flexibility attracts lots of users to use iPad for internet browsing. It eases your business functions, personal relations and many more advantages. You can see movies while you are stay in a queue. You can locate your colleague with the help of GPS and perform your important business tasks while you are in traveling. You can get numerous advantages you just imagine with iPad.

Many iPad developers think that making a website iPad compatible means just to scale up to iPad size but this does not hold true in iPad web development. You have to consider many aspects other than size. One aspect is that there is absent of mouse, fingers are use instead of mouse this point of view change the entire scenario of navigation. You have to leave white spaces in order to navigate with fingers and thumbs. Multi-touch is advantage here you can go deeper in navigation up to a level. Textual links are impractical here and you have to use buttons instead. Another aspect is scrolling. In absence of mouse scroll you have to use fingers and thumb for scrolling the screen this need changes in website layout and placement of buttons, size of paragraphs, etc.

It is well versed that Apple is not comfortable with Adobe products therefore it doesn't support the Flash at all. For animations and bring vow factors in your website you have to think some other alternatives. You can use HTML 5 for this purpose. HTML 5 supports animations and other dynamic properties that you can do with Flash. You can integrate audios and videos with the help of HTML 5.

Accelerometer is an important factor in iPad web development. You can flip the sides of your website from horizontal to vertical and vertical to horizontal in a rectangular iPad. That means you should have two website layouts one for horizontal and one for vertical and this is only possible with the fluid website layout. Use of CSS make possible to have fluid layouts.

Multitasking is another thing that affect the iPad web development because older version of iPad doesn't support the multitasking so you can not make your website with lots of background processes. Desktop has CPU with good processors while iPad has limitations in processing capacities so you have to make extremely light weigh websites so it doesn't creates problems while loading. Inquire Us for Web Development for iPad Tablet at IAD.

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