iOS 5 Application Development – Open Up New Horizon

Apple has just released new OS for its devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is iOS 5 and termed it as a major release. It has nearly 200 new features and some of them might have had in your iPhone or iPad as it came from third party apps. However there are features that weren't available before. iOS 5 has become your device completely autonomous and just like a PC.

The first feature is Notification. Here Apple has get rid of pop-ups that break your flow and annoy you. It doesn't interrupt you and disappear quickly. You can get all kind of notification on your iOS device, new email, texts, friend request, etc. with notification center. You can keep track of them in one convenient location. You can enter notification center from any screen, just swipe down from the top of the screen. Just select which notification you want to see. You can found notification for your stock and weather too. New notification will appear briefly and gradually without any interruption. Notification center is the best way to keep in touch with breaking news.

iMessage is a new messaging services for all type of messages on your devices using iOS 5. You can sent unlimited text message via Wi-Fi or 3G from your device using iOS 5 like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the devices using iOS 5. There is messages app which anchor iMessage so you can send texts, photos, audios, videos, locations and contacts. You can create group messaging where everyone is in the loop. You can track your messages with delivery receipts. You can see someone's typing and enjoy secure encryption for text messages. You can start conversation on one of your iOS 5 devices and pickup where you left off on another.

Apple has built virtual newsstand on iOS 5 similar to iBooks but exclusively for magazines and periodicals. When you want to remember something or want to put in don't forget to list you can take help of iOS 5 device it will let you organize your life in to do list. Reminder is complete with due dates and locations. Remainders also work with iCal, outlook and iCloud so changes you make update automatically on your device and calender. iOS 5 make possible to directly tweet you from your iOS 5 device, just once you sign in from the setting and you will be able to tweet directly from Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube or Maps. You can add location to any tweet no matter which app you are using.

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