iPadApplicationsDeveloper.com offers iPad E-Book Publishing Services

iPad Applications Developer, a leading software development service providing company, feels proud to announce the successful continuation of development services in field of e-Book development services.

Till yesterday, games were most favorite items for download on iTunes store. It has the biggest download volume on the market but today e-books have crossed the mark and become the biggest download volume on the iTunes store. This trends shows e-book popularity among the people. If you are a publisher or a writer you will be happy with these phenomena and think of taking benefits of this trend.

IAD is a helping hand for you. It offers e-book publishing services on iPad. Now, you may be a budding writer or an experienced one but you can think of publishing your e-book on iPad and can get popularity among the e-book lovers. IAD publish e-books that can be read on iPad in landscape mode or portrait mode.

Just like real book you can flip pages by swipe of fingers or just a tap. Entire collection resides on the wooden ranks which are virtually created. You can read sample pages of the e-book published by IAD. You can search your books and can download it with the help of iTunes store account. You will have dead tree experience means you can simulate real book appearance by its double page view.

Readability and usability are main focused areas of the IAD e-book publishing services. E-book published by IAD is effective and facilitate the legible reading experience to its users. Just like printed books users can flip through pages as fast as they can. They should easily enjoy the richness of high resolutions images. There would be no limit of the volume of content.

If you think of e-book publishing on iPad then contact the marketing executive of IAD. Inquire here - http://www.ipadapplicationsdeveloper.com/ipad-inquiry.html

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