Spark Revolution in E-book Publishing Services for iPad

E-Books have the biggest download volume on the iTunes store. This phenomenon indicates the popularity of e-books among the masses. If this trend is continuing in future then iTunes store should have enough volume of quality e-books. Who will provide this volume? Obviously e-book publishers will do that. If you are among the lucky e-book publishers IAD can help you in e-book publishing job. IAD offers its services for e-book publishing on iPad. You may be a budding writer or experienced one but you can think of publishing an e-book on iPad because IAD makes it easy for anyone who wishes to be a publisher.

Now You Can Be a Publisher TOO

E-Book published by IAD can be read in landscape mode or portrait mode of iPad. You can change the mode. You can flip the pages as you do in real book by swipe of finger or just by a tap. In iBook store your collection of e-books resides on wooden ranks, virtually created. You will have sample pages to read. You can search your books by search facility. If you like the book you can purchase it with the help of iTunes store account. IAD show your e-book in dead tree view means it will look like a real life book with double page views, IAD simulates its appearance.

Main focused areas of the IAD e-book publishing services are readability and usability. E-book published by IAD is effective and facilitate the legible reading experience to its customers. It gives real life experience. Just like printed books users can flip through pages as fast as they can. They easily enjoy the richness of high-resolution images. There is no maximum or minimum limit of the volume of content.

If you want to publish your own e-book on iPad i-Book store take the help of IAD. IAD offers its services for e-book application development on iPad.

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