iPad E-Book Development - Read E-Books on iPad

Reading on iPad is just like reading a book in real life. You can hold your iPad just like a book. You can flip the pages as fast as you do with the real book. You can flip the page with a swipe of your fingers or just by a tap. You do it all with your hands-just like a book. You can see it in high resolution. All curves are intact and display book graphics somewhat more than real life.

iPad has LED back-light screen which displays each page beautifully. A change in modes has its own effects. Turn iPad to the portrait orientation you will find a view of single page. Turn back it to landscape orientation and your view will change into the two page view. Thus you can rotate it just like a real book. You can move forward or backward by tapping right or left side of the screen. You can turn page slowly by dragging from right to left. You can jump to a different section of the book entirely by visiting table of contents. You can select a chapter of your choice and jump directly there.

Just touch and hold any word to look into the dictionary, Wikipedia or look on the search engines or you can search for it throughout the book on the web. Your reading is so natural on iPad. There are enhanced books on iBooks where words, pictures, voice and videos all are on one page. You can read a book, see the content on videos and can listen to your author. All multimedia content is packed with relevant digital content. You can flick through library of photos or unpublished excerpts.

You can personalize your reading. You can change the view by rotating the orientation of the iPad. You can see single page view by rotating it in portrait mode or can see double page view by turning it into landscape mode. You can change the fonts or size of the text. You can use bookmarking feature as a student and make notes by highlighting the text. You can take a break from the reading as iBooks save your places across all your devices. So you can start your reading again in any device be it iPhone or iPod touch.

You can purchase your book through your iTunes store account and download the book. It appears on your bookshelf. You can start reading that very moment. You can use any device to read your book means if you purchase a book on iPad you can read it on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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