A Successful Way to publish your Ebook on Apple iPad Book Store

iPad iBook Store provides iPad E-Book Publishing Services. IAD offers its services for e-book application development on iPad.
It has been observed that the biggest download volume in iTunes store is e-books. This indicates the popularity of e-books among the readers. If this trend continues in future then there is enough scope to have more e-books in iTunes store. If you are smart and want to grab this opportunity IAD can help you. You may be a budding writer or an experienced one but can publish your e-books on iTunes store and earn substantial amount from it.

IAD has a team of e-book publishers and established mechanism of e-book publishing. They have developers who can publish e-books on and platform including iPad. You can read e-book on landscape mode or portrait mode of iPad. You can change the mode while reading. You can flip the pages of e-book published by IAD as you do in real printed version of your book by swipe of fingers or just by a tap. Your collection of books will reside on wooden rank in iBook store. There is search facility so you can search a book in iBook store. If you like that e-book you can purchase it through your account in iTunes store.

You can see your e-book in dead tree view means it appear as double page view as you see the printed version of the book. IAD concentrates on the usability and readability of your e-book. E-book published by IAD is extremely effective and facilitates legible reading experience to its users. You can flip pages as fast as you do with printed books in real life. IAD publishes e-books in such a way that you can enjoy good resolution of your images in the book.

If you think of publishing your own e-book then don’t forget to contact IAD first.

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