Digital Realities of Leading iPad eBook Publishers

It has been observed that the category which received the highest download request in Apple Store is ebook. In the last quarter of year 2009 ebook crossed the game download. Keen observers in the market will definitely think over to take benefit from it.

Introduction of iPad in the market has put Apple in a position to take market share from the Amazon Kindle as it did for the Nintendo DS. Compared to Netbook and Kindle, the iPad is going to be a significant player in the book category of the Media & Entertainment space. It has extra weight due to 9.7 in diagonal screen and its robust out put.

Considering these facts iPad developers at IAD have designed various development strategies for its ebook application clients and allow them to take maximum benefits from this new opportunity. iPad Book Publishing team from IAD would like to help you to publish your ebook on ipad.

Apple iPad 9.7-inch has finally entered into the market. This opens up a new world of ePublication for publishers to offer there books for sale (Currently iBooks available in the U.S. only) right inside the iBook Store just like the AppStore in iTunes, for users to download.

The current version of iBook on iPad allows you to:

  • read books, both portrait or landscape modes
  • Turn pages like real books by a swipe of the finger or just a tap to turn
  • Entire collection resides on virtual wooden shelves in your iBook reader app
  • Enables the users to search the ebook, buy them and download through there iTunes account.
  • A feel of a real book with double-page view (dead tree experience)

Publish your first iBooks on iPad, through IAD

iPad iBook apps developed by IAD are mainly focused on readability and usability. We see to it that our eBooks are effective and facilitate legible reading experience. Users can flip through pages as fast as they do with a printed book and enjoy rich, high-resolution images without any technical havoc.

iPad eBook apps developed by IAD facilitate users to access volumes of content readily on their iPad. Some of the unique features of our eBook applications are:

  • If you have your digital content in ePub / PDF / Text / XML we can port them through iBook Application.
  • Allow easy flip-through of pages through bone animation
  • InApp Purchase that allows you to have independent iBook Browse & Collection capabilities.
  • Add Social Networking capabilities to your iBook Publication
  • Allow rich, high-resolution illustrated / Graphic content
  • Books are readable on iPhone / iPod Touch and New iPad
  • High readability & usability
  • Easy download process
  • Facilitate legible reading experience
  • Can carry any volume of content

Contact us now to know about how IAD can support you on Book Publication on iPad.

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