IAD Launches Featured Application ‘Mathematicia’ For Providing The Best Learning Process

Learning math has never interested kids, but this is about to change as IAD launches a unique application ‘Mathematicia’ to encourage children to engage and learn math.
IAD, one of the most coveted software development firm hereby announces the launch of a featured application on the App store ‘Mathematicia’ to give a learning experience that is more fun than ever and the kids will simply love to play and learn simultaneously.

MathematiciaLearning the tedious problems of mathematics has never attracted the kids. This has been the age-old reason for children being weak in math and totally uninterested in learning it. But this is soon to change as IAD has launched a new iPhone application ‘Mathematicia’ which is so much of fun that your kids will never want to stop playing.

This is an application that combines learning with fun and so it will surely interest the kids and will encourage learning more without getting bored. The application has been selected by Apple to be featured on the app store purely because of its functionality and the ease with which it engages the children of all ages to keep getting better.

Features of ‘Mathematicia’:
  • Easy to use application
  • Random selection of numbers to create a new sum every time you play
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division plus a random puzzle
  • Bringing fun to functionality
  • Learning made easy and interesting
Mathematicia brings in the unique concept of combining fun with functionality which will interest the kids and thus will learn without getting bored” says the CEO of IAD while speaking about the main concept behind the emergence of this application. “If the learning process is made interesting then the kids will learn by themselves and this is what went behind Mathematicia”, he adds further.

IAD a pioneer in iPhone/iPad development firm is happy to be featured on App store and hereby announces to all its clients to come and use this unique application.

Download this Mathematicia from App Store ($1.99)

You can visit the official website of the game at:

So contact us to get more details at:
http://www.ipadapplicationsdeveloper.com/ipad-game-development.html about the application or get to the Apple App store to purchase this app.

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