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In Part 2, we have seen the iPad application development for kids. In this article we will explore the apps development possibilities for photography editing. Since photography is a hobby for many and you can edit your photos with iPad instead of going to desktop. IPad, due to its A4 chip, can process photos better. iPad can store a big photo gallery because of its storage capacity. It only needs some editing software and iTune store or a reputed iPad application development company can provide it to you.

Improving Digital Photo
Photo Gen for iPad is one of them. It offers comprehensive professional photo editing tools.

You can edit photo directly from the clipboard Crop and straightens
Sharpen Full set of color adjustment including levels and curves
Correct the underexposed photo and add a spark to washed out one

You can apply one of the artistic filters, sepia tone or edge blur
You can add text bubbles of different style, color or fonts
You can add frames of different shapes and colors including shadows and glows
You can add especial effects like reflection or vignette
You can apply one of our supplied macros or can create custom one
Multiple time undo or redo
Resize photo to any resolution
You can save your photo into the iPad gallery
You can upload photo on facebook or Twitter
You can mail your photo to a friend

Professional Photo Editing
Pixel magic is one of the tools to do professional photo editing on iPad.

Its attractive features are:
oMore than ten high quality filters- sharpen, de-noise, blur, etc.
oEffects like sepia and vignette
oHistogram control
oRed eye fix
oDigital brushes like sharpen, blur, paintbrush, etc.
oCrop, rotate, mirror, etc.

Photo Pad by ZAGG is another professional photo editing app.

It is capable to:
Image rotation
Image scaling
Paint bucket
Color swap
Threshold level
Poster resize
Adjust color
3D Gallery

3D Gallery X is a new concept of storing photos as well as editing. You can Walkthrough virtual gallery on iPad. You can password protect your gallery.

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