Top Free Newspaper Apps for iPad – An Overview

ipad app developerThe iPad has potentially changed the way people have been browsing the Internet with the kind of features it brings within. But the process of iPad Application Development has given it greater chances of changing even more and now it is set to bring about a change in the way read our daily news. There are various possibilities of creating apps that can be used for any kind of work you want to do on the iPad, all you have to do is find a good iPad apps developer, give him your needs and you will have it in your iPad in no time.

But I am dedicating this blog to all the top news apps that are set to change your daily news gathering process, a transformation from paper to the latest digital technology.

The New York Times Editors’ Choice:

This one is one of the most popular free news apps available these days. The New York Times has built a simple to use app that shows, in a clear a easy way the top stories in no nonsense format. Touching the article opens it, the right swipe gets you to the next page of the article, up and down swipe can take you to the next ones. The text is clean and clear with 3 and 4 columns depending on horizontal or vertical orientation.

Financial Times Mobile Edition:

iPad application has brought this marvel for it to be a businessman’s delight. Again, the layout and design is simple and its easy and smooth to read through. Touching on the article opens it and right swipe takes you to the next one. When on the offline mode, the app shows the last downloaded edition. One turn off could be that after reading three articles you will have to register, but the registration is easy and free.

USA Today:

The main sections in this application are Front page Stories, Money, Sports and Life. This one scores a little less in comparison to the others as the sections are less and there are quite a few things missing even in the offline version. It’s different in the navigation as well with a down swipe for going to the next article and right swipe to go to the next one.

WSJ – The Wall Street Journal:

WSJ app developed through iPad application development is another handy app for those who like the Sensex. This one asks for a registration right when you launch it might just be a turn off, but it totally gives you reasons to start liking it. The image integration is very attractive. Each article has couple of images, click on them to get a pop up and see it in full size. Navigation is standard with touch to open article, swipe right to open next page. Each page displays a right side bar with more articles from the current section.

So the iPad is all set to change the news history with various apps coming out for newspapers. iPad application development has quite changed the way things have been shaping up. It now gives the opportunity to do what we never thought we would in a way that was again beyond imagination. The Digital Newspapers.

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