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Apple is known for bringing out products that are not only path breaking, but have an enigma of their own. They create a niche market for themselves and they have a niche line of followers who always stick to Apple products. And the best deal is that they first create the product, the need for it is created automatically. This is the power of Apple.

The latest product that has sent ripples down the market spine is iPad, or the white marvel. A neat looking, sleek and sophisticated tablet looks like an absolute gem of a device. Its ultimate features like the 9.7-inch fully touch sensitive screen, multi-media, virtual keyboard, wide screen and visually appealing graphics can create an browsing experience that is second to none.

There are ample features that make for a sure success:

• Contacts applications are quicker and easier
• Vibrant display and unique software features
• Battery back up capability
• Multitasking
• High-resolution screen
• Easy to see and navigate
• Powerful built-in speaker
• High resolution Camera
• Ubiquitous Connectivity
• e-Magazine Reader
• High-Definition Prowess

This is for sure the future of Internet user experience and the tablet PCs. There is no doubt about the fact that iPad has changed the way people have been using the computer, the laptop and even the mobile devices. It has created a whole new genre of devices where it stands alone as a winner.

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By David Aldrich
Published: 6/10/2010

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