Apple iPad 2 Features – Bring You A New World

Apple has sold nearly 15 million iPad of first version. Now the team of Steve Jobs et al is going to sell new version called iPad 2. iPad 2 boast with new features and functionality. iPad 2 is a device of next generation and bringing a whole host of improvement that takes iPad concept onto a different level.

The first version of iPad was uncomfortable while it hold in hands. This new version is far better than that of first version in sense of holding it. It is more thinner and lighter than previous versions. It is clocking at 8mm front to back and much flatter on its backside. This make it much comfortable while sitting on flat surface. If we look at the data of weight of these two version we will find that the predecessor of iPad 2 was 680g while current version is weight 610g only this suggest that the current version is lighter than the previous one. If we see it in percentage it is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than its predecessor.

It has a fast processor in form of A5 dual core chip. This means it has much faster graphics for better watching, better surfing and better gaming so it is better in everything. It has two camera which are capable of video recording. HD 720p, VGA up to 30 frames per second with Audio, still camera with 5x digital zoom. These two camera make iPad 2 capable to hold video meeting. You can watch video in excellent 1080p HD quality. It has a big screen with 9.7inch diagonal. Cameras enable you to share your good moods in your journey with family and friends.

It has got a glass front and aluminium back. Though device looks extremely solid. When you look at new version in front you will notice that there are no edge of aluminium frame. While in case of first version it is noticeable around the edge of iPad, when viewed from the front. Apple has made some cool iPad case. They are equipped with magnet so it can attached automatically to the screen. iPad 2 automatically wake up when you open the case, and case fold back to put you in prime typing position. It cost $39 for plastic and $69 for leather case.

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