Software Solutions for iPad – A Way to Success !

iPad has changed entire definition of the computer. You can position iPad in between smart phone and notebook based on its functionality. iPad has a unique feature of multi-touch that makes it a powerful devices for media consumption like books and magazine, movie, music, games, web, email, and lot more making it multi-purpose gadgets that not only entertain but also improve productivity.

The best advantage of iPad is that it allows third party software development to enhance its functionality. IAD take advantage of this and offer various kind of software development for iPad users.

iPad is an innovative device. iPhone can detect and track 5 touches whereas iPad can detect up to 11 touches. Our developer take advantage of this situation and develop robust applications for their clients. Moreover, iTunes store has increased limit of application size from 10MB to 20MB so 3D game like applications are possible now.

IAD offers following custom iPad Software Development Services:
  • Game related Software development
  • Social networking software
  • Business and Finance
  • Software development for iPad based Multimedia Apps
  • e-Commerce / Online shopping apps
  • Content Publishing and Distribution software
  • Software for Health/fitness/ lifestyle based iPad apps
Custom iPad software developers follow iPad software development cycle to create perfect solution for custom iPad software development. They offer their services at affordable cost because they have development center in India where skilled manpower is available at cheaper rates. IAD offers its services for 24X7 support as their developers are working in shifts. Developers at IAD are well trained and experienced so they deliver results in timely manner.

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