eBook Publishing Services – A Unique eBook Publisher at Affordable rates

iPad Applications Developer offers iPad eBook Application Development and iPad eBook Publishing Services in US, UK, Canada and across the globe at cost effective rates. iPad applications developer is a Professional iPad eBook Publisher.

There is a Gold Rush for iPad eBook Application Development. Everyone want to grab this opportunity and publish their eBooks at IAD. Recently IAD offers their services for iPad eBook application development. Higher publication cost is not a constraints. IAD has development center in India where skilled labor is available at cheaper rates. You can take benefits of this situation and can hire an iPad eBook application developer for your dream eBook publication.

IAD offers excellent eBook Publication Services. Some of their features are:
  • High resolution screens supports brilliant display of each and every page of eBook
  • Finger-touch control feature of iPad allows you to turn pages, scroll up and down the content or zoom in and out of the eBook for better view.
  • You can touch and hold any word to look for its meaning inside, in-built dictionary
  • Highly digitized features, where video, audio, pictures and words are packed together on the same page to enhance your reading experience.
  • Features like Bookmarking and addition of voice texts, which read out content to you, make it easy for you to pace your reading as per your convenience. This makes reading more pleasurable.
IAD has a big team of iPad eBook Publishing Services therefore they can arrange hiring of a developer as per your requirements. You can hire an iPad eBook application developer for full time, part time or on hourly basis. Full time hiring consists of 8 hours work in a day while part time hiring consists of 4 hours work in a day. Hourly hiring has no limitations so you can hire an iPad eBook application developer as per your requirements.

If you have any project for iPad eBook application development and want to know further contact the representatives of IAD.

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